Gold Glitter. I have to say, I love skorts. They are the easiest things to wear, especially in the workplace. Deceivingly, they look like a cute skirt but are a pleasant surprise when you can still sit without having to worry if your panties are showing. Phillip Lim did an amazing job particularly on the construction of this masterpiece I'm sporting in the above. And it's glittery which almost always gets a thumbs up from me! 
Shoes: Roberto Cavalli. 
Shirt: Splendid. 
Necklace: JCrew.
Sunglasses: Elizabeth & James
Bracelets: My vintage assortment.
Photo cred: Thanks Grandma!


Life is short. Buy the shoes. Christian Louboutin pumps, oh how I lust for you. You will be mine.


Farmers Markets: Especially the one in San Francisco and in my home town, is one of my favorite activities to do on weekends! Having delicious foods cooked readily in front of you, every kind of flower on display, and a plethora of people asking you to please sample their fresh cheeses is my kind of place! You can find me in the taste tester sections and playing with the cute puppies everyone bring along with them. It's a regular dog show if you ask me! Leather Jacket: Rag & Bone. Scarf: Boutique in NYC. Flowers: Tulips.