A walk in the park.

{Rory Rebecca yellow blouse. Joe's Jeans floral pants. Jimmy Choo yellow wedges. JCrew belt & purse. The Row sunglasses. NARS Funny Girl lipstick. Vintage jewelry & Chan Luu bracelet.} 

I love pairing bright colors. These pants were on my lust list for summer and I'm so happy have them in my closet.  It has been hot here during the evening and I found this to be the perfect outfit to wear to a wine bar with a few of my girlfriends.


Explore LA.

Pleasure Doing Business patterned skirt. Urban Outfitters red blouse. Tyler Rose Swimwear bathing suit top. Sam Edelman sandals. Chan Luu bracelet.  CRAP eyewear sunglasses. Vintage hat.

When I visited LA last week, I realized I never took the time to explore all the historic landmarks while I was attending college there. Perhaps it was because most of my friends were born and raised in the Los Angeles area and had seen it all. But now looking back, I should have played the tourist card more often.

{Striking a pose on the Park Avenue of Los Angeles }

{ Indiana Jones Lady }

{ Does the Beverly Hills sign count as tourist attraction you ask? If you are a fashion enthusiast, your answer is yes. It's located right above Rodeo Drive! }

{ the ultimate tourists }

*This was the only picture that turning out of use in front of the sign. There should have been more, but we realized there were men we didn't know also taking pictures of us... creepy... tourist attractions bring out a few odd balls I suppose.


Red, White, Blue & Overdue.

Wild Fox American flag t-shirt. American Apparel red shorts. Vintage Chanel purse. Chan Luu bracelet. CRAP eyewear sunglasses. Vintage hat.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and because it fell on a dreadful Wednesday, I felt the only thing to do was celebrate it all weekend long. Maybe it holds a special place in my heart because I grew up playing sports on the beach, swimming in the ocean and watching fireworks every year (I can promise you there are the best firework shows in California – just don't go to San Diego, I heard they struggled on that front this year). Then again perhaps having a reason to wear little-to-no clothing, scream "Amuuurica" at the top of my lungs waving an American flag, and drink heavily with my friends may also play a large part in my perpetual love for the fourth. 

{ Festive nails for the holiday }

{ A walk in a park off of Sunset Boulevard was the perfect remedy to a long car ride down the coast }

{ My friend Veronica and I, happy to find shade after walking around for a while in the hot summer sunshine – no complaints }

{ I mean it when I say California has the best fireworks. This particular photo I took in Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach which is where I celebrated this year }