Red, White, Blue & Overdue.

Wild Fox American flag t-shirt. American Apparel red shorts. Vintage Chanel purse. Chan Luu bracelet. CRAP eyewear sunglasses. Vintage hat.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and because it fell on a dreadful Wednesday, I felt the only thing to do was celebrate it all weekend long. Maybe it holds a special place in my heart because I grew up playing sports on the beach, swimming in the ocean and watching fireworks every year (I can promise you there are the best firework shows in California – just don't go to San Diego, I heard they struggled on that front this year). Then again perhaps having a reason to wear little-to-no clothing, scream "Amuuurica" at the top of my lungs waving an American flag, and drink heavily with my friends may also play a large part in my perpetual love for the fourth. 

{ Festive nails for the holiday }

{ A walk in a park off of Sunset Boulevard was the perfect remedy to a long car ride down the coast }

{ My friend Veronica and I, happy to find shade after walking around for a while in the hot summer sunshine – no complaints }

{ I mean it when I say California has the best fireworks. This particular photo I took in Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach which is where I celebrated this year }

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