{Zimmermann dress. Chanel purse. Karen Walker sunnies.}

Ciao Vacanze Italia

When we booked our trip to the Italian Riviera, the first thing that came to mind was, "What will I wear?" I envisioned myself wearing a girlie, floral printed, lace dress, while gazing at the most beautiful views of the sea imaginable. I was excited to have made my dream a reality when I discovered this Zimmermann dress a few days before my trip. The photos above capture the exact look I was hoping for, thanks to my amazing photographer in the last photo on my right. :)




 {Logan with the GoPro on top of the rock.}

 {Unfortunately, my landing was not as graceful.}

{Victoria's Secret pink bathing suit. Illvesta sunnies. Fedora I picked up from a street vendor.}

Manrola was my favorite city in Cinque Terre. To me it was the most beautiful–and it had cliff jumping! The first photo above was the view from a cute restaurant called Nessun Dorma. No exaggeration, this little place has the best bruschetta on the planet. I know, it sounds cliché, but I'm a tough critic when it comes to anything in the food category–must be the Italian in me. In Italy, there is something about the freshness of the tomatoes and cheeses you can't find anywhere else that just gets me. If you ever visit Manrola, go there, get the Primavera bruschetta and tell me what you think.  

...up next is Portofino!



Monterosso, Cinque Terre

{#ootd: Valentino shoes, vintage Chanel purse, Ray Ban sunnies, & vintage Gucci dress}

While we were in Cinque Terre we stayed at the B&B Albergo Margherita, which was located in the most northern town, Monterosso. We felt right at home staying in the older part of town that had a traditional Italian family feel. These photos were taken on our way to Miky, which is a delightful seafood restaurant in the New Town. I highly recommend going there if you ever visit, the fish was some of the freshest we had ever ate.

Next up is Manrola! 




{Why hello Duomo}

{"Logs! Look how cute this street is!"}

 {my paisan}

{Milan, Italy
 #ootd: Tibi purple dress (it was a steal on the Outnet), vintage Chanel purse (thanks mom), Dolce Vita sandals (I lived in these the whole trip), OPI Big Apple Red nail color & Karen Walker sunnies.}

I spent the last 10 days in Italy with my boyfriend. Let's just say, it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. Imagine the general idea of traveling to Italy with your love, then multiply it by 10. If you have the burning desire to go like we did, I'd be happy to provide our itinerary. Just ask me!

I will be doing a special post on every city we were in starting today. Next up, Cinque Terre! Stay tuned...



Looking Back on Summer: The Instagram Edition

Summer in New York City and the Hamptons has been a wild ride for me to say the least. Unfortunately, my blog took a hit in the midst of seemingly perpetual chaos, but luckily Instagram came to the rescue. Above are a few photos that remind me of my favorite summer past times. Follow me on Instagram @LexiAiassa for consistent updates; however, I do promise updates on Fair-haired Flair more often.

In case you find yourself looking at these photos and want to visit those same places, here are the exact locations they were taken by yours truly:

1. Indian Well's Beach, Amagansett 
2. Rushmeyers, Montauk
3. Atlantic Beach, Amagansett
4. The Waverly Inn, New York City
5. The Met, New York City
6. Norwood Club, New York City



Beauty Must-Haves

Every girl should have a few staple beauty items. Here are a few of mine:

1. Chanel lipstick. Every girl should have one of these in red. 
2. Tom Ford nail polish. Tom Ford beauty has really stepped up it's game. Pretty much everything from them is on my lust list currently.
3. Lancome mascara. They do a great job with their mascaras. I usually go between Benefit and Lancome. It just so happens this is my go-to right now.
4. Tom Ford perfume. I've been using this scent since I was in high school. My mom spoiled me one year on Christmas and I haven't looked back since. I have a few others I love, but I always come back to Black Orchid.
5. La Mer cream. It's expensive, but worth it. It leaves your skin silk smooth.

Click the product name in red if you are interested in finding them online!



Central Park

{#ootd: Del Toro shoes. JCrew blazer & belt. Chanel purse. Rag & Bone hat. Dylan & George boyfriend jeans. Baublebar bracelet. Chinti and Parker sweater.}

Central Park is beautiful and I'm disappointed that I rarely make my way up there. I live and work downtown, so there isn't much of a reason for me to go up there. The winter cold makes me useless, but luckily we had ONE whole day of sunshine and temperatures in the 50's last weekend. As you can tell, the winter could not have made me any paler. Spring cannot come any quicker!

Last but not least... my recent photographer happens to be my boyfriend, Logan (below). He may get a little upset with me for posting this, but doesn't he look incredible? Babe alert.


February lust list

Black is the new black. Luckily for me, black will never go out of style. Since I moved to the east coast it has become even more of a staple in my personal wardrobe. Pops of color though are essential in brightening up a black outfit, hence the beautiful pink purse. Featured above and listed below are a few accessories I am currently lusting over while enduring New York's cold weather.

  1. Karen Walker Number One sunglasses.
  2. Celine bag.
  3. Autumn Cashmere fingerless gloves with skulls.
  4. Rag & Bone hat.
  5. Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots.
Stay warm, the winter's end is near.
Well sort of...


cat lady

{Canada Goose jacket. Chanel vintage bag. Elizabeth & James fur vest. Paige jeans. Theory silk shirt. Karen Walker sunglasses. Nars Heat Wave lipstick. JCrew necklace.}

I confess – I am obsessed with cats. I think it may be because I have a lot of similarities with them. They're independent, great snugglers, have an attitude, make their playmates work to gain their respect, and are perfectly sized for small spaces like an apartment in the city. I bought this hat that I am wearing because while we do have a lot in common, we do look quite the opposite. 

lady just trying to fit in



When it's freezing outside, I've found it difficult to dress myself. Get your mind out of the gutter will you? I mean in the sense that I put layer after layer on my body to keep myself warm in arctic temperatures – thank you polar vortex – to the point where I look like I got fashion advice from Joey on Friends. Thankfully, this is where accessories come in to play and easily make you and me look at least a tad more fashionable in frigid weather. Here are a few of my favorite items this winter that are perfect for work or the weekend. 

1. Knitted Infinity Scarf  by Christopher Fischer
2. Women's White Leather Slipper with Black Leather Cap Toe by Del Toro
3. Transport Tote by Madewell
4.  Felix Knit Cap with Cat Ears in Black by Eugenia Kim

Stay warm meow!


Black & White

{Alexander Wang purse. T by Alexander Wang t-shirt. Nars heat wave red lipstick. Enza Costa skirt.}

I'm not going to lie, these photos were taken right after I woke up from a nap on the train. Although my eyes were tired and hair was tousled, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos in Grand Central Station. It was late at night and the lighting wasn't amazing... so I'll be back Grand Central, I'll be back.



{Genie by Eugenia Kim beanie. Nightcap scarf. Oxford camel coat. Alexander Wang bag, shirt & skirt. Burberry rain boots.Tom Ford lipstick.}

Although I love New York City, it's nice every once in a while to escape from the hustle and bustle. So when I'm given the opportunity to get out of the city, I usually take it. Even if its babysitting my boyfriend's little brother. 



D.C. Dos and Don'ts: The Winter Edition

{ootd: Burberry puffer coat. Genie by Eugenia Kim beanie. Chanel purse. Stuart Weitzman boots. Nars Heat Wave lipstick. Starbucks coffee.}

D.C. Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do wear layers. Forget the actual temperature outside, it's the wind that always catches me be surprise.
  2. Don't take cabs! Unless you're heading to or staying in Georgetown, the subway is the way to go and super easy to navigate. 
  3. Do walk everywhere if you can. All of the monuments and museums downtown are within walking distance from one another. Not to mention it's a white wonderland in the winter.
  4. Don't ask the subway booth people questions. Both times they looked at me like a deer in the headlights.
  5. Do go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and National Portraits Gallery to see America's Presidents. 
  6. Don't expect to see everything on one trip. Unless you live there, it's next to impossible and there is nothing worse than rushing through museums. Enjoy the scenery and go at your own pace.
  7. Do go to DGS Delicatessen. It is BOMB! Perfect comfort food for cold weather. Especially if you like pastrami. 
  8. Don't expect to have a crazy once in a life time nightlife experience. D.C. has some hidden gems, but I wouldn't call it party city by any means.
  9. Don't forget to take pictures! As my mom says..."1, 2, 3, sparkle!" D.C. has some of the most beautiful backdrops in the country! Whether you are a resident or just visiting, everyone should be proud to take photos in our nation's capital.
  10. Do find a jazz club with a live band. Sometimes a creepy back alley has hidden gems. *Note: Please don't interpret this as me telling you to go in a back alley alone.*