Looking Back on Summer: The Instagram Edition

Summer in New York City and the Hamptons has been a wild ride for me to say the least. Unfortunately, my blog took a hit in the midst of seemingly perpetual chaos, but luckily Instagram came to the rescue. Above are a few photos that remind me of my favorite summer past times. Follow me on Instagram @LexiAiassa for consistent updates; however, I do promise updates on Fair-haired Flair more often.

In case you find yourself looking at these photos and want to visit those same places, here are the exact locations they were taken by yours truly:

1. Indian Well's Beach, Amagansett 
2. Rushmeyers, Montauk
3. Atlantic Beach, Amagansett
4. The Waverly Inn, New York City
5. The Met, New York City
6. Norwood Club, New York City


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