Summer Glitz. 'Tis the season to shop neon and it seems to be just about everywhere! No complaints here, a pop of color has always been a fashionable idea in my book. As you can see, I am also I avid collector of prints– my phone case is a perfect illustration of that monogrammed with my initials!
Necklace: Spike the Punch
Phone Cover: Plum Street Prints
Nail Color: Essie "Play Date"
Shoulder Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Bracelets: Fair-haired Flair- Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Here is a fun fact: I love making jewelry in my free time, which I haven't had much of lately but hopefully I will make time in the next upcoming months! The bracelets you see with the large gems are just a few examples of my designs.

Then... there are the few things that get me through my day. First, being my phone– I fully admit that I am addicted to my phone so I felt that investing in a cute monogrammed cover was the only suitable for my most prized accessory. Second, my personal Starbucks cup– I had to get one because the working world does require one to drink a decent amount of coffee per day, so making my own has ended up saving me money only to contribute to my belief that my shopaholic habits are acceptable (hence the one of many Netaporter magazines shown above laying around my apartment). Third, the Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag– she never ceases to provide us with a bag that fails to be chic and easy to wear with just about any outfit– God bless her soul, keep them coming! 


A New York Minute. A ride in an elevator usually is about that amount of time, okay maybe a bit longer because we know how impatient New Yorkers can be. However, a ride in an elevator with your best friend in a New York elevator could mean just about anything, even a funny attempt to be serious photo shoot (see above). She can keep a straight face much better than I can. Below are a few snap shots from my phone, one of my girlfriends and I in a delicious Italian restaurant we went to called Purino and the other of us overlooking the view from my best friend's rooftop of her apartment. I couldn't have asked for better trip or better time spent with a few of my favorite people in one the city that never sleeps (and we barely did)! 
Yellow Dress: Opening Ceremony (last year)
Necklace: "A" for my initials- vintage jewelry