A New York Minute. A ride in an elevator usually is about that amount of time, okay maybe a bit longer because we know how impatient New Yorkers can be. However, a ride in an elevator with your best friend in a New York elevator could mean just about anything, even a funny attempt to be serious photo shoot (see above). She can keep a straight face much better than I can. Below are a few snap shots from my phone, one of my girlfriends and I in a delicious Italian restaurant we went to called Purino and the other of us overlooking the view from my best friend's rooftop of her apartment. I couldn't have asked for better trip or better time spent with a few of my favorite people in one the city that never sleeps (and we barely did)! 
Yellow Dress: Opening Ceremony (last year)
Necklace: "A" for my initials- vintage jewelry

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