Coachella. In honor of the pre-sale Coachella tickets being sold today (better hope you got yours quick and dirty like I did because they are already sold out), I am posting a comparison of what many other women can relate to in regards to their well planned outfits for the big weekend. May I say, this here on the left is what I WISH I wore to Coachella and this here on the right is what I ACTUALLY wore to Coachella. Case and point, although I loved my outfit because I could be a dancing fool per usual, I do wish I wore something as chic and stylish as Miss Thang here on the left. Well there is always next year! Coachella lives on!


Cherry Tomatoes. They can really go with anything– especially pastas and salads. My personal favorites (shown below) are the easiest to make and most delightful to eat. Not too mention completely healthy, filling, yet light on the waistline! I'm Italian and I like to eat, let me tell you, but these take ten minutes tops and are delicious recipes to make for your friends, surprise your hubby, or better yet make for yourself which is perfectly alright– I cook for myself daily!

Cherry Tomatoes Summer Salad: Arugala, Cherry Tomatoes, Chicken (either cook it yourself on a grill or buy some pre-made at Trader Joe's- baking chicken is NOT the way to go unless you like rubbery chicken- ewwy), Parmesan Cheese, Salt, Pepper, & Olive Oil.

Cherry Tomatoes Summer Spaghetti: Spaghetti (I prefer original pasta but it also goes well with whole wheat), Breadcrumbs, Garlic Salt, Olive Oil, Pepper, Parmesan Cheese, & Red Pepper (if you like a little kick like I do). 

Directions: Cook the pasta till al-dente– I like it that way but that is my preference. Add some olive oil and about a half cup of breadcrumbs with a pinch of garlic salt to the bowl of pasta after drained– mix that all together (all depends on how much pasta you cook). Slice a few cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper (red and black), and grade some Parm. Add that to the Top and voilĂ  one of my favorite dishes of pasta without a creamy sauce that hurts your tummy later!


Wine Tasting in Neon. I happen to work at a pretty amazing company in the marketing department that treats us like kings and queens. My company sponsors a cycling team and always coordinates exciting events to go along with athletic teams we support. Yesterday we went wine tasting– it looks like we coordinated our color scheme quite well in neon colors– at a nearby winery and cheered our sponsored team on as they raced by to the finish in Aptos. //Outfit: Leather jacket: Gucci. Neon Pants: J brand. Button up: Elizabeth & James (FYI: E&J make the absolutely best collared button ups that also have button in the back to adjust how fitted you want it in the front– perfect for work). Belt & Leopard print shoes: JCrew.