When it's freezing outside, I've found it difficult to dress myself. Get your mind out of the gutter will you? I mean in the sense that I put layer after layer on my body to keep myself warm in arctic temperatures – thank you polar vortex – to the point where I look like I got fashion advice from Joey on Friends. Thankfully, this is where accessories come in to play and easily make you and me look at least a tad more fashionable in frigid weather. Here are a few of my favorite items this winter that are perfect for work or the weekend. 

1. Knitted Infinity Scarf  by Christopher Fischer
2. Women's White Leather Slipper with Black Leather Cap Toe by Del Toro
3. Transport Tote by Madewell
4.  Felix Knit Cap with Cat Ears in Black by Eugenia Kim

Stay warm meow!

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