D.C. Dos and Don'ts: The Winter Edition

{ootd: Burberry puffer coat. Genie by Eugenia Kim beanie. Chanel purse. Stuart Weitzman boots. Nars Heat Wave lipstick. Starbucks coffee.}

D.C. Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do wear layers. Forget the actual temperature outside, it's the wind that always catches me be surprise.
  2. Don't take cabs! Unless you're heading to or staying in Georgetown, the subway is the way to go and super easy to navigate. 
  3. Do walk everywhere if you can. All of the monuments and museums downtown are within walking distance from one another. Not to mention it's a white wonderland in the winter.
  4. Don't ask the subway booth people questions. Both times they looked at me like a deer in the headlights.
  5. Do go to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and National Portraits Gallery to see America's Presidents. 
  6. Don't expect to see everything on one trip. Unless you live there, it's next to impossible and there is nothing worse than rushing through museums. Enjoy the scenery and go at your own pace.
  7. Do go to DGS Delicatessen. It is BOMB! Perfect comfort food for cold weather. Especially if you like pastrami. 
  8. Don't expect to have a crazy once in a life time nightlife experience. D.C. has some hidden gems, but I wouldn't call it party city by any means.
  9. Don't forget to take pictures! As my mom says..."1, 2, 3, sparkle!" D.C. has some of the most beautiful backdrops in the country! Whether you are a resident or just visiting, everyone should be proud to take photos in our nation's capital.
  10. Do find a jazz club with a live band. Sometimes a creepy back alley has hidden gems. *Note: Please don't interpret this as me telling you to go in a back alley alone.*

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