Six Things.

1. This phrase is what I always tell myself every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror. I am a believer that every morning you roll out of bed, you make a decision to feel a certain way.

2. A good cup of coffee. Not much gets better than a hot delicious homemade cup of coffee. It always warms my heart and puts me in my happy place. I full recommend making at least one cup and sitting down to catch up on daily gossip or the latest posts on your favorite blogs. It always puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

3. The perfect pink note pad. I found this at JCrew and fell in love with it. Having a notepad by your bed at night to write down your thoughts and dreams is something I have always done since I was little. It keeps you sane and keeps you laughing at yourself which I find is a key component in helping me not take myself so seriously.

4. Yogi-kitty. This is my baby, Ivy. She is quite the flexible kitty let me tell you. A ball of fur in life really keeps me company. When you come home from that long day that seemed to just be getting worse and worse, Ivy always greets me with her love and affection turning my day right-side up again!

5. Thank God Peonies are in season. They are by far my favorite flower and make me incredibly happy to see them at the Farmer's Market in full bloom in the summer time.

6. A hug from a best friend. I had the best time in Vegas this past weekend with my sister and two of my best friends celebrating birthdays. It is actually my friend Veronica's birthday today and I couldn't be more blessed to have her in my life! A hug can really make or break someone's day. Remember to give them often!

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