A New York State of Mind.

Everyone I believe is infatuated with a place and eventually a certain someone. Luckily, I haven't found that certain someone quite yet, but I do know the place where my heart lies. I can't quite pin point what the one thing is about it, but New York is the one place in my life this far that makes me feel alive. It must be because there isn't only one thing about it that makes it one of the best places on Earth, there are far too many to count! Over the past week I was busy walking the streets, riding on the subway, and hopefully leaving my own mark in some way or another in the city that continues to inspire me more every time I visit. Hence, my apologies for the overdue blog post. I will not let it happen again.

Why you ask me is New York the key to opening the door my to soul?
Well answer me this, do you love culture, excitement, a fast paced atmosphere and more importantly men in suits or women strutting in heels from block to block? That's what I thought, you're welcome for removing the blindfold over your eyes.

{On me below: Rag & Bone Hat. A.L.C dress similar here.}

{One of my best girlfriends, Renee and I}

{My best friend from home in the center, Jenna, and one of my favorite fellow sorority girls, Colette. Check out her amazing blog here}

{Me and my beat friends}

Warning: If you don't get my humor, I am very sorry for you.


  1. Hey Gorgeous Cuzzie! I love your blog & posts, especially this one about New York City & this lovely white lace dress on you here!

    So Pretty Love, keep blogging!


    1. Thank Tina :) I love yours as well! Xo Miss you!