Classic Patterns.

{Burberry Vintage skirt. Elizabeth & James jacket & sunnies. Prada boots.}

To begin, my apologies for my absence. Work life and moving has been a little hectic, but I promise to be more consistent. 

Update: New York has been everything and more than I ever dream of or expected.  I love it here, that is until my first winter swallows me whole. Please pray for the warm blooded California girl. My first few weeks in New York City have been quite an adventure. The above photos were taken by my fabulous roommate in front of the Whitney Museum. I have made it my mission, before it's unbearably cold outside, to be as cultured as possible! That includes visiting museums, running (or laying) in parks, and taking long walks around the city. I certainly didn't trade my long walks on the beach for nothing!

Comedic Relief: My room is the size of my closet in California. Thank GOD I can fit a double bed.

True That: My closet is the size of my room (SCORE)! Most closet space offered in the West Village!


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