Barefoot in Montauk

{ootd: Faithfull The Brand romper. Krewe Du Optic sunnies. QuickSilver hat.}

Montauk was my second home for the month of July. The weather is perfect there, although I can't say I have a tan to show for it. The commute is another story...

The train is an experience in itself. Hundreds of people running at a train once the track is called. Not to mention, it's the real life version of the Hunger Games fighting for a seat. If you're part of the majority of people escaping work early and showing up to the train late, you're left standing for 3 hours. Thankfully, friends and drinks will keep you preoccupied - just make sure you don't drink too much that you have to wait in the 30 minute bathroom line.

Now that I've thoroughly convinced you to spend your weekend out east, let me tell you about the greatness that is Montauk. It reminds me of a college town on the beach, except school is in session during the summer. Think of a small fraction of New York City's nightlife in a much smaller town like Santa Cruz. Everyone goes to the same bars, restaurants, and beaches so it's easy to keep unintended tabs on people. Surf Lodge was only a few blocks from our summer house, and seeing one of my favorite bands, St. Lucia, on their patio was one of the highlights of my summer! The Sloppy Tuna on the beach is the ideal sloppy day drinking spot, always playing a great assortment of tunes. And the list continues...I'll mention a few more in future posts to come.

The romper I'm wearing was my go-to outfit. It's a perfect day-to-night piece, and there were plenty of those...who needs a shower when you have beach hair?

Sharing a house for a month in a beautiful beach town with my best friends was truthfully the perfect way to celebrate summer. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my July any other way.

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