A Sunny Afternoon.

J Crew sweater. Banana Republic wedges. BCBG Maxazria skirt. CRAP sunglasses. NARS lipstick.

When the weather is nice, being in the indoors can be unbearable. For me, spending every spare moment possible outside is key to my sanity! Sunshine boosts endorphins which keeps a smile on my face on a regular day basis! Therefore, with fair skin like mine, sunscreen needs to be part of my daily routine unless I would like to be old and wrinkly by the time I'm thirty. Here are a few tips for those sun worshipers like myself who still wish to age gracefully.

  1. Wear sunscreen like it's your full time job. I know its been said before but wrinkles don't build character, they scream "I refused to take good care of my skin when I was younger!"
  2. It's never too early to start using anti-aging eye and face cream. If it starts helping when your older it can only be that more beneficial if you start using it at an earlier age!
  3. Wear sunglasses. Protecting all your five senses is a state of the obvious, but losing my sight would be probably be the most devastating in my book. Plus the ability to accessorize is endless.
  4. Don't suntan. And by this I mean in particular going to the suntan booth. (please refer again to #1)
  5. Moisturize at least once a day! Especially after getting out of the shower. Staying lotioned up helps keep skin tan longer and maintains its elasticity.
  6. Most importantly, if you have fair skin, embrace it. To those of you who are tan, yes we will continue to be jealous; however, many times those with light skin have light eyes or light hair, or perhaps both– meaning you have some of the most desirable features of the female gender! Forget having to buy color contacts or  spending money bleaching hair. Being tan is sliming but just like there are products to change your hair color, a spray on tan is better than wrinkly skin, right? If you do not believe that to be true,  and perhaps you strive to look like Joan Rivers, then we have a completely different issue at hand and feel free to reach out to me. Though her style advice and criticism is on point...
If you need an extra push to be convinced, please read this article. If all else fails, fear tends to be the best push in matters of persuasion.

If you have been viewing my pictures and or continue to do so, you will quickly realize how obsessed I am with this shade of pink. NARS has great matte lipstick and Funny Face is the name of this particular shade. I will admit the name definitely was a deciding factor in my purchase along with my inherent desire to have luscious lips like Audrey Hepburn. Not to mention I am in love with my newest pair of shades. They are from CRAP eyewear, a guy from my university actually started the brand and I am big supporter of entrepreneurs from my school!

J Crew purse & notebook. PlumStreetPrints phone case. 

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